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Hey, while my real name is Kristie, my friends do call me Krissy and I am known around the wet shaving forums as that. I prefer to use my real name on the forums instead of a business name. I prefer the personal side of things, rather than to be all business all the time.

I’m from the little-known state of North Dakota, I was born here, but I spent my youth as a third culture kid (TCK) overseas as an expat in Indonesia. I lived there for 10 years because of my father’s job in the oil fields of SE Asia and only returned to the states, other than on summer holiday when I was 18. So, I have traveled the world and take a lot of pride in that aspect.

I currently live in the small town known as Cando, that has a population of a little more than a thousand people. It’s small, but I do like the small-town life.

I have been making soaps, lotions and other bath and body products for over ten years. I used to run my own soapmaking forum that teaches others but have since turned it over to co-admin due to health reasons. So, formulating various recipes, fixing other people’s recipes and giving my own personal reviews of other artisan handmade products is nothing new to me.

Back in 2009 my mother got sick with a brain tumor and I needed a brain distraction so I began researching shaving soaps. I joined the forum badger & blade and started learning. It was there that I was told that this was something that couldn’t be done. Making a tallow based shaving soap that is, because no-one had accomplished it before. Like my father, I don’t like being told that I can’t do something. I had many failed batches, and when I say many I mean a whole lot. I had a number of testers that were willing to take one for the team until I finally reached my goal and accomplished a shaving soap that preformed like my testers and later customers expected. I was also banned from that site because I was swamped with orders and spent more time in my kitchen working on them than at my laptop on the forum. I was also competition for their beloved melt and pour shave soap maker.

Later, on another forum, again I was competition for their forum favorite and they set out to hurt me. One customer ordered with the sole intention of lying to his forum as well as going on other forums saying my product was lye heavy and he got chemical burns on his face. I knew this could not be true for many reasons because of the process that I use to make my shaving soap. All ingredients especially the lye is weighed on a scale more than once to make sure all numbers are accurate. Not to mention there is less lye needed than oils present to be saponified or changed into soap. It’s also a process known as superfatting a soap. Every batch must pass the tongue zap test. This means I “taste” a bit of every batch for lack of a better term to make sure that there is no lye present in the finished soap. If lye is present it gives you the feeling of sticking your tongue on a 9-volt battery. It’s a common practice among soapmakers and it’s a running joke about being a part of the soap-lickers club. Every single batch is made with its own recipe sheet and all weights are written down on that page. Every batch is given a batch number and that batch number as well as the born-on date (date it was made) can be found on every product label. I have numerous binders full of recipe sheets of every batch of every product I have made since I began well over ten years ago. At the same time these gentlemen were hell-bent on destroying me I had just admitted my son to pediatric-psych in a city 160 miles away from where I live. Having a child with special needs is not easy, its very hard at times and seems impossible at other times. This wasn’t something they knew when they decided to target me, but before you try to hurt someone with lies, walk a mile in their shoes first. I also offered to pay for the return postage of said “lye heavy” shaving soap but it was refused. So I couldn’t test it myself, also considering the size of my batches at that time, somewhere between 8 and 15 pounds to think off the top of my head, it’s odd that there was only one jar with a problem.

I love to give back. Every order contains various samples and goodies. I also like to host a number PIF’s and giveaways as a way to give back and allow others who haven’t use my products yet a chance to try them. I like to have one wet shaving forum as my “home base” if you want to call it that. I haven’t decided yet which one I will select when I re-open my store. If you have a favorite please let me know that I can make a choice. If you want to suggest badger and blade, ask take a moment to ask mods or admin first because even 7 some years later I am still on their “banned” list.

I re-joined Damn Fine Shave, but I am unsure if I am going to make that my home base forum or not.

.... to be continued
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