Because my goal is to provide my customers with their personal preferences, scent strength is just one more way that I can do that. Some scents are naturally stronger than others. It’s just the nature of the beast and isn’t something I can control. Also, what one person finds strongly scented another will not.

The option to choose your scent strength has to do with how much is added, since some scents are naturally stronger and others naturally subtler.

I add a standard percent (by weight) depending on the weight of the soap being scented. That is my “regular strength added”.

But if you prefer less, please feel free to make that selection.

If you are one that prefers a more heavily scented product you can select that as well. Just keep in mind some scents are naturally more-subtle so even with more added it might not be as bold as you imagine. Also keep in mind that those with sensitive skin and some with normal skin may find some skin irritation with a heavily scented product. But I respect that some gentlemen prefer a heavier scented product and you can have it by requesting it on the drop-down menu.
Scent Strength Options
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